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Kranti Redkar

Kranti Redkar: (Marathi: born 17 August 1982) is a well known Marathi film, television and stage actress, notable for her roles in Marathi theatre and Marathi films and television.

Though she accomplished herself as an actor quite early in her career, it was the song Kombadi Padali in the film Jatra (2006) that brought her huge fame. The song was a superhit and was on every Marathi speaker’s lips in those days. Kranti gave a brilliant dance performance alongwith Bharath Jadav in the song.In no time she came to be known as the Kombadi Padali girl. The song was later adapted in the Karan Johar ‘s Agnipath as “Chikni Chameli “ and was picturesized on Katrina Kaif. There were comparisons and if not anything it once again brought publicity to Kranti who was the original face of the song.